The Collection

We have a varied collection of photographs from the 1890s to the present day. The museum also houses a fine collection of local artefacts and archive material representing the entrepreneurial community who survived the hardships, recessions and two wars by their ability to adapt to change. As agriculture declined, forest trades, tanning, leather work, boot making and brewing to name but a few enabled the community to survive. We also have the tools of the village blacksmith, the carpenter and wheelwright. Our history is not just confined to Earlswood. It covers the whole area from Tanworth. Shirley, Monkspath, and Cheswick Green.   The collection includes agricultural and domestic items from the 19th century as well as archaeological finds from the Celts, Bronze Age, Romans, Middle Ages and the Civil War. Our most popular exhibits are parts of the wreckage and photographs of the German Heinkel Bomber crash in Earlswood in May 1941.

A new exhibit will be on display from 2015. The Shelly Hoard, a collection of rare silver pennies from the reign of King John and Henry III discovered in the late 1980s with a metal detector near Shelly Crescent. These have been donated to Earlswood Village Museum by the widow of the finder. Thanks to the generosity of the Tanworth Parish Council, with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund and other generous donors we have been able to purchase three custom made mahogany display cases, made by a local craftsman Kevin Green of Earlswood Interiors, Earlswood Lakes Craft Centre.